Product Mass Updater


Thank you for buying our module. We hope it will serve your needs as best as possible.

Product Mass Updater allows you to quickly and mass edit all the major fields of a Product.

The module is very straightforward: you have a button from where you get the products and then you go and edit them in their respective input boxes.
The layout, colors and small informative elements give you a pleasant and easy way of updating several products or all at the same time.

Product Mass Updater general view

You are able to do the following things with Product Mass Updater:

Product Mass Updater's installation is done in the same way as you install a normal Prestashop Module.
Please follow the blue arrows in the images bellow for a step-by-step instruction on how to install it.

Step 1 - click on Modules and Services tab


Step 2 - click on Add a new module button


Step 3 - click on Upload this module button


Step 4 - after upload, click on Install button


Step 5 - confirmation pop-up, click Proceed with the installation button


Step 6 - location of Product Mass Updater


Final Step: Product Mass Updater - main page


The Quick Guide shows you how to use the main functions of the module.

There are 2 main operations that you need to know about in this module. Once you understand them, the other ones will be very easy to use.

We will go through the following steps:


Click on SHOW PRODUCTS to view all the Products from the Store. You will see additional, helpful, information regarding the Products.

location of SHOW PRODUCTS button


After clicking SHOW PRODUCTS button, the products will be displayed in a table, split in 3 tabs for easier management of their fields.

Products displayed in a Table


After you have added the data you need in the field marked by Arrow 1, you click on UPDATE button marked by Arrow 2 as shown in the image below.

Location of Arrow 1 and Arrow 2


Global View of Product Mass Updater

To use the Filter, need to open the Filter first by clicking the button showed in the image below.
Afterwards 3 filter related boxes will appear that allow you to narrow the results. After you have selected the desired options, you need to click SHOW PRODUCTS to see the new results.

Location of FILTER button


Location of filter boxes


Product Mass Updater allows you to quickly edit all the visible Products by using the ALL PRODUCT ROWS area located beneath the header of each Product Tab.
If you want to do a mass-edit for certain Products, use the Filter to get those Products displayed and then fill in the new data in the ALL PRODUCTS ROW.
To save the new informtion click UPDATE ALL and you're done.

Location of ALL PRODUCT ROWS area that updates all visible Products


The BASIC - LANGUAGE Tab contains all the Product fields related to multi-language.
Here you can change the input languages by selecting a language from the drop-down list shown by the blue Arrow

BASIC - LANGUAGE Tab and Arrow indicating the language drop-down.


The PRICES Tab shows you the fields related to prices: Wholesale Price, Retail Price, Tax applied to that Product and Retail + Tax.



The CODES & REF. allows you to quickly edit the fields: Reference, EAN13 and UPC.



Every Product's field requires to be in a certain format, either numerical, text or not to contain certain special characters.
The formatting of these fields happens automatically either when you have finished typing or when you have moved the focus from that input field.
In every Tab you will see a blue QUESTION MARK located in the top right corner. By clicking on this button the INFO FIELDS section will appear where all the information related to formatting and rules will be present.

Location of Flash Assignation button.


Product Mass Updater can be used in Multishop but only for each shop at a time. You cannot use the module while you are in Shop Context : All Shops.

You use the module in Shop 1, then you change the Shop Context to Shop 2 and you can use Product Mass Updater for the Products in Shop 2.


The arrow below indicates where you can change the Shop Context in Prestashop


We hope this documentation is thorough enough to give you a clear understanding of Product Mass Updater. The best approach in learning the new elements and the logic of the module is to dive in the module and test it, when in doubt read certain sections of the Documentation and go back into testing/trying it out. After a shot amount of time the module will become very easy to use and you will understand the entire logic of designing it the way it is now.

For video tutorials regarding Product Mass Updater and other products, please visit our youtube channel where videos will be posted as often as possible with explanations on how to do various actions on our modules.


Code Canyon : monszaic

YouTube Channel : MONSZAIC concepts