Product Combination v.1


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Product Combination allows you to manage all of your Product's Combinations.

A minimized, compact view, of Product Combination

You are able to do the following things with Product Combination:


Product Combination's installation is done in the same way as you install a normal Prestashop Module.
Please follow the blue arrows in the images bellow for a step-by-step instruction on how to install it.

Step 1 - click on Modules and Services tab


Step 2 - click on Add a new module button


Step 3 - click on Upload this module button


Step 4 - after upload, click on Install button


Step 5 - confirmation pop-up, click Proceed with the installation button


Step 6 - location of Product Combination


Final Step: Product Combination - main page


The Quick Guide shows you how to use the main functions of the module.

The module is fairly simple to use once you do a baisc action like setting a price or updating a quantity.

We will go through the following steps to give you the basics of the module :


click on SHOW PRODUCTS to add see all the Shop's Products


after you will see all the Products, click on EDIT button to open the Combinations


after clicking EDIT, a pop-up will open showing you all possible content related to that Product's Combinations


To set the Price Impact of one, several or all Product Combinations, first open the Combinations by clicking on EDIT button shown in the previous step.

click on PRICE IMPACTS to go to price-related tab


fill in the required price impacts and then either click the button pointed by Arrow 1, UPDATE ALL
or you can update each Combination, one at a time by clicking UPDATE indicated by Arrow 2


To manage the Stock of a Product's Combinations you need to open the Combinations pop-up as shown in Step 1 and click on the 3rd tab, STOCK, DATE & SHOP

click on STOCK, DATE & SHOP to go to stock-related tab


after filling in the QTY click on the UPDATE ALL shown by Arrow 1 or UPDATE buton, shown by Arrow 2, to update individual Combinations


Product Combination is made up by 2 parts.
The first one is the frame of the module, let's call it Page 1, while the second part is made up from the Combinations pop-up which opens after you click EDIT button.
We can call the pop-up Page 2 of the module.


Below, all the main actions of Page 1 , first part of the module Product Combination



Every Product that has Combinations will have an EDIT button displayed, as shown in the image below with the blue arrow. On the left side of the button you will see how many Combinations that Product has. After you click on the EDIT button, a complex pop-up will appear containing all that Product's Combinations available to edit.


Location of EDIT Combinations button.


The pop-up is called complex because it contains several sub-pages of content grouped into tabs and also because it has pagination. The pagination for Combinations was implemented to increase the efficiency of editing. If a Product has 500-1000 Combinations it will take a while to load and display all those Combinations more so when you want to edit all of them at the same time. With the pagination, on which you can apply different per-page elements from the top-right corner dropdown, you can neatly manage the Combinations withouth being too overcrowded or taking too long to save the edits. Be carefull that if you want to edit all of a Product's Combinations, you need to go through each page of the Combinations.

The actual Combinations are split into 3 tabs. These have a name related to what you can do in each tab. REFERENCE tab allows you to update the Reference, EAN13, and UPC fields of one or several Combinations. PRICE IMPACTS tab allows you to update the Price, Unit Price, Weight and Wholesale Price. The 3rd tab, STOCK, DATE & SHOP, allows you to update the Quantity, Minimal Quantity, Available Date and Default Combination. In this tab you will also see also the ID of the Shop if you are in All Shops Context.

The first row from each of the tables in REFERENCE, PRICE IMPACTS and STOCK,DATE & SHOP, allows you to update all of the visible Combinations located below. If you will type something in Reference field in ALL VISIBLE COMBS row from REFERENCE tab ( see the first image below ), then all of the Combinations below the 1st row will have their Reference field automatically filled in with the value you just entered. This way you can gain more speed and fill in all visibile Combinations by writing content in a single row.








After you have changed the fields, you will need to click on the UPDATE button to update that specific Combination or you can click UPDATE ALL button, located in the header of each table, and all of the content written in each Combination field will be saved into the Database.

The 2 buttons DEL and UPDATE located on each Combination row are identical in all of the 3 tabs. This means if you click UPDATE on a Combination in REFERENCE tab then this Combination will also be updated on the other fields located in PRICE IMPACTS tab and STOCK, DATE & SHOP tab.

You must update all the changes made in these 3 tabs before chagning the page. When you change the page, new content from the Database will be displayed and thus the old content will be lost. We recommend extra carefulness in pagiation changing.


To change a Default Combination, you need to go into STOCK, DATE & SHOP tab of the EDIT COMBINATIONS pop-up. In this tab the field DEF. tells you which Combination is the default one. Also the yellow background visible on a Combination across all the tabs means that Combination is a Default Combination.

You can have several Default Combinations if you are in All Shops Context. To make a new Combination a default Combination you just have to click on the grey star icon. The old Default Combination will become a normal one, with white background, while the new Default Combination will have it's background colored in a dark-yellow color.  There can be only 1 Default Combination per Shop.


Location of Default Combination button.


Deleting the Product Combinations can be done in two ways : delete all Combinations or delete single Combinations.

You can delete all of a Product's Combination by clicking the button DEL COMBS indicated by the blue arrow in the below image. Once you click on that button, a Confirmation pop-up will appear asking you again fi you really want to delete all of the Combinations. After you click Yes all of that Product's Combination will be completley deleted from the Database. If you are in Single Shop Context, only the Product's Combinations that belong to that Shop will be deleted. If you are in All Shops Context then all of that Product's Combinations from all of the Shops will be deleted.


DEL COMBS button which deletes all Combinations.


Confirmation of deleting all Combinations of a Product.


If you want to delete only some Combinations then you can do that by clicking the EDIT button and then clicking the DEL button indicated by the blue arrow below. Once you click this DEL button, that Combination will be deleted from the Product's Combinations. The Shop Context isn't relevant in this method of deletion because by deleting one Combination at a time, you delete it also from one Shop at a time.


DEL button which deletes individual Combinations.


Product Combination provides complete Multishop support for the Product's Combinations.
If you have selected All Shops as Shop Context then you will see all of the Combinations from all Shops groupped by ID of the Shop.
You can delete all Combinations from all shops or delete only specific Combinations from a certain shop.


The arrow below indicates where you can change the Shop Context in Prestashop


We hope this documentation is thorough enough to give you a clear understanding of Product Combination. The best approach in learning the new elements and the logic of the module is to dive in the module and test it, when in doubt read certain sections of the Documentation and go back into testing/trying it out. After a shot amount of time the module will become very easy to use and you will understand the entire logic of designing it the way it is now.

For video tutorials regarding Product Combination and other products, please visit our youtube channel where videos will be posted as often as possible with explanations on how to do various actions.


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